Project Description

Riverside County, CA

Education (Security)

Riverside Community College District

Riverside County, CA
    • Security
    • System design
    • Needs assessment
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Construction administration
  • System commissioning & closeout
  • Contractor bidding & award
  • Architectural process (SD; DD; etc.)

“Through the course of this project, Exante360 established itself as a trusted partner, sharing our vision and goals of ensuring the security of our institution. Your communicative and proactive management style supported a very strict project schedule and less than optimum budget limitations. In addition, RCCD and its administrators were pleased with the consistent professionalism displayed by your staff and your holistic “big picture” approach to security commitment to our mission and we are pleased to extend our recommendation of your services to any organization seeking similar results.”

Michael W. Simmons, MA, Director, Riverside Community College District

The Riverside Community College District is a multi-college, higher education district serving 1.4 million residents living in Riverside County, California. Their three colleges are located in the cities of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Norco, representing key geographical and commerce points within a 450 sq. mile service area. In 2012, RCCD’s enrollment exceeded 32,000 students. In addition, RCCD is one of the top 25 employers in Riverside County, with more than 2,100 employees.


Exante360 was competitively awarded multiple contracts with RCCD. During phase 1 of the project, Exante360 provided physical security and safety services that included comprehensive security and safety inspection and inventory of all district properties in partnership with the district’s Security Task Force. Deliverables included a complete inventory report of all security and fire-related systems, devices, equipment, cameras, software, and associated functions with specific emphasis on increased interoperability, salvaging current systems, and restoring the functionality of the security and fire-related systems and devices to 100%.

Key Highlights

During phase 2 Exante360 established drawings and specifications to restore all critical need fire safety and security systems to fully operational per the information provided in the phase 1 report. We developed the design of restoration/replacement and operability plans in a cost-effective way and in sufficient fashion to obtain competitive bids for full integration from installation contractors. We also established an effective fire safety and security grid that the District can rely upon for at least a 3-year period that is supported by a routine preventative maintenance program.

Exante360 assisted the District with the identification and selection of a certified integrator. We also performed construction administration, commissioning and project close-out services.

Furthermore, as a trusted partner Exante360 assisted the Security Task Force with product evaluations and recommendations with an eye on the development of performance Standards for RCCD’s security systems.