Who We Are

Improving lives through relationships, by connecting people to solutions.

About Exante360

Exante360 is an industry leading Information Communication Technology (ICT) consulting and design firm with offices in California, Texas and Washington. Exante360 consists of certified industry consultants who have proven experience in the design and construction management of low voltage building systems. Our expertise encompasses the HealthCare, Education, Government, Hospitality and Corporate markets.

Our firm has completed more than 500 technology engagements ranging from small classrooms to large campus environments. We are continually expanding our portfolio integrating voice, data, audio, video, CATV, security, nurse call, RFID, DAS and specialized systems for and with our clients.

Our design approach allows organizations to maximize their project dollars by seamlessly incorporating optimal solutions into their business visions. This ensures the organization a successful ongoing operation with a high return on investment. Our consultants promote non-proprietary, vendor-neutral solutions to support maximum flexibility for future system upgrades with lower ongoing costs.

We represent the Owner’s best interest by developing design packages that leverage best suited processes, products and contractors for the application. Our clients include (but are not limited to) Architects, Developers, Program Managers and Owners.


“Improving lives through relationships, by connecting people to solutions.”


“Our purpose is to develop and maintain relationships through effective communication and to facilitate solutions across a diverse array of services, identifying challenges before they occur, and arriving at intended results.”


A Neo-Latin word meaning “before the event”, exante refers to the accurately forecasted result of a particular action of series of action.

We select the right team of experts for the right project.
We identify and communicate risks and steps to mitigate them.
We provide appropriate and efficient solutions.
We stay on the forefront of industry trends and continuously evaluate their impact on stakeholders.

360 arc degrees represents the all-encompassing nature of our consulting services and our ‘all-bases’covered’ project management philosophy. From fully converged and integrated technology solutions to holistic security master planning, all interrelationships must be identified and analyzed.


The gyroscope is associated with precision and known for its extraordinary ability to remain balanced and stable while moving at high speeds and maintaining or measuring direction.

The orientation adapts per the influence of external torque and may assume any position within the 360 degree spectrum.

Exante360 team members understand that flexibility and adaptability are critical components to success within the fast-paced environments and unique cultures where we have the opportunity to work. No matter the speed or direction, we remain committed to our core values: Excellence, Responsibility, and Superior Customer Service.